Top 10 best sunscreen in India

Top 10 best sunscreen in India

Although the sun gives life, its rays also cause skin damage. Not only may sun damage result in tans, but it can also cause wrinkles, skin cancer, and early aging. For this reason, sunscreen for men & women is a crucial component of any skincare regimen for all.

It can be confusing to choose the best sunscreen, especially with so many alternatives available. 

Why sunscsreen is important

UVA and UVB ultraviolet (UV) rays are released by the sun. Due to its extensive penetration into the skin, UVA radiation promotes wrinkles and premature aging. Sunscreen for men & women is an essential component if one wants to buy skin care products as they protect us from UVB rays that cause sunburns and play a role in the development of skin cancer. Sunscreen protects your skin by acting as a shield and either reflecting or absorbing these UV rays.

Selecting the Appropriate Sunscreen

Here are some important things to think about when you want to buy skin care products specifically sunscreen for men & women:

SPF: The Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, is a number that represents the degree of UVB light protection. Use of an SPF of 30 is advised for daily use. Choose SPF 50+ instead, though, if you have sensitive skin or spend a lot of time outside.

PA Rating: UVA protection is indicated by the "+" symbols in the PA Rating system. **** or +++ PA ratings provide good UVA protection.

Skin Type: Sunscreens are available in lotion, gel, cream, and spray formulations. Pick one that complements your skin tone. While dry skin could benefit from a more hydrating formula, oily skin might prefer lighter, oil-free choices.

Water Resistance: Use a sunscreen that is water-resistant if you swim or perspire a lot. Reapplication is still essential, particularly after swimming and excessive sweat.

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Top sunscreens which you must consider are:

A variety of sunscreens are available from atulya, a company well-known for its all-natural and potent skin care products, to meet the demands of different skin types. 

  • CICA & Hyaluronic Acid Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++

One of the standout items in our sunscreen collection is the CICA & Hyaluronic Acid Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++. It gives strong sun protection while maintaining calm and hydrated skin by fusing the restorative qualities of Centella Asiatica (CICA) with the moisturizing effects of hyaluronic acid.

Key Ingredients 

CICA: Centella Asiatica, or CICA, is well-known for its healing and calming qualities. It is especially beneficial for sensitive and acne-prone skin types since it reduces redness and inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid: A component that binds moisture and keeps skin moisturized by preserving water in skin cells.

SPF 50: Broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays is offered by SPF 50 PA++++, guaranteeing complete protection against sun damage.


Intense Hydration: Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin hydrated all day long, avoiding flakiness and dryness.

Soothing Effect: CICA is ideal for people with sensitive skin because it soothes irritated skin and aids in healing.

High Sun Protection: This sunscreen, which has an SPF of 50 PA++++, provides high-grade protection against UV radiation that can cause long-term skin damage and sunburn.

Lightweight Formula: The sunscreen is ideal for daily use because it is both non-greasy and lightweight, even with its strong components.

  • Vitamin C & D Panthenol SPF 50 PA++++ Sunscreen 

atulya D'Panthenol & Vitamin C SPF 50 PA++++ Sunscreen is made to offer the calming properties of D' Panthenol and the brightening advantages of vitamin C, all while offering the best possible protection from the sun. For people who want to protect their skin from the sun while enhancing its brightness, this sunscreen is great.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin C: A strong antioxidant that helps minimize pigmentation, brighten the skin, and shield it from the elements.

D’ panthenol: Pro-Vitamin B5, or D' Panthenol, is well-known for its calming and moisturizing qualities. It also aids in preserving the flexibility and health of the skin.

SPF 50: Broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays is ensured with SPF 50 PA++++, offering a strong barrier against sun damage.


Brightening Effect: Vitamin C leaves skin glowing by minimizing dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Moisturizing and Calming: D' Panthenol is good for all skin types because it keeps the skin nourished and soothes irritation.

High Sun Protection: The sunscreen's SPF 50 PA++++ provides all-around defense against damaging UV rays, preventing sunburn and early aging.

Antioxidant protection: Vitamin C offers antioxidant protection to the skin against free radical damage, which is a result of pollution and sunlight exposure.

Tips for Applying Sunscreen

  • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you step out to all exposed areas.
  • Remember to pay attention to your lips, ears, neck, and tops of your feet.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours, or more often if you're swimming or perspiring.
  • When the sun is at its strongest, seek shade (10 am to 4 pm).
  • For further protection from the sun, put on protective apparel such as caps and sunglasses.


Protecting your health from the sun's rays is more important than vanity. Sun safety precautions can help you avoid premature aging, lower your chance of developing skin cancer, and maintain the health and radiance of your skin. Thus, cultivate sun safety as a habit and relish the sun with assurance!

Sunscreen is a crucial component of skin care products, offering protection from harmful UV rays and preventing premature aging. 


Q1: At what time one must apply sunscreen before leaving the house?

Ans: One must apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before leaving the house as it takes time to get completely absorbed in the skin.

Q2: How often should I reapply sunscreen? 

Ans: Reapply sunscreen every two hours, or immediately after swimming or sweating heavily.

Q3: Can sunscreen cause acne? 

Ans: Some sunscreens can clog pores, leading to acne. Opt for non-comedogenic sunscreens designed for acne-prone skin.