Effective remedies to combat dandruff problem this monsoon

Effective remedies to combat dandruff problem this monsoon

Comes monsoon and everything feels new, everything feels alive. From Mother Earth to people residing on it, everyone gets a fair share of respite. But, some of us actually begin to fear the arrival of the rainy season. Why? The answer is due to the horror it brings along, the dreaded D-word - dandruff!! Also known as ‘Seborrhea’ or ‘Dermatitis’, dandruff’ is actually an extremely common skin condition experienced by many.

Dandruff usually appears as dry, fine and flaky skin on the scalp. However, it can also affect the ears, the eyebrows, the beard and the hairy part of the chest (for both women and men). It can sometimes result in pink or red skin, indicating inflammation.

For some dandruff in monsoon simply pop up as white flakes without any irritation or scratching, while for others it is accompanied by itching and burning. Possible reasons and causes of dandruff include dry skin, an increase in oil production and secretion, sensitivity to hair products, etc. But, monsoon can cause hair damage as the climate possesses excessive humidity. Further, infrequent hair washing and poor hygiene may also increase dandruff problem. 

If you are also looking for effective solutions to combat this problem then your search ends here. Take a deep dive into our collection of tested remedies and hacks to keep dandruff at bay this season.

Massage your scalp with Amla and Bhringraj Oil

A combination of onion & bhringraj hair growth oil (extracted from the leaves of the Bhringraj tree) and an ancient hair-friendly herb Amla helps you get rid of your problem easily. This Ayurvedic oil by atulya is an intensive hair remedy that helps in combating various problems. Gentle massage with warm oil helps in keeping scalp irritation, hair loss, dandruff and premature greying at bay. Do this once a week. Another benefit of this oil is it provides relief from the itchiness caused due to dandruff.

Select an anti-dandruff shampoo

Use an anti-hair fall shampoo specially formulated to curb dandruff problem in the season of rains. Follow shampooing ritual at least twice a week. After getting drenched in the rain, wash and condition your hair thoroughly as soon as possible.

Baking soda works

It may sound weird but baking soda is actually a great remedy for dandruff. Acting as a scrub, it can exfoliate the scalp gently. All this is done without irritating the scalp and removing dead skin cells. Add some crushed mint leaves to a paste of curd and a pinch of baking soda. Rinse it off after some time and there you go! If required, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb

Combing your wet hair immediately is a big-time No! Doing so weakens the roots and ultimately leads to hair loss. Selecting the wide-tooth comb can easily detangle your hair. Sharing of combs must be avoided otherwise it will spread fungal infections.

Keep your scalp and hair dry

Try keeping your scalp dry. Cover your head with a scarf while stepping out. Don’t use blow dryers to dry your hair. Pat them with a microfiber towel. Rainwater is acidic and increases the problem and may even worsen it. So, keeping your scalp dry works well.

Do follow these simple tips and tricks to eliminate dandruff problem from your life.