Combat hair loss during monsoon with these simple hacks and remedies

Combat hair loss during monsoon with these simple hacks and remedies

Who wouldn’t want healthy and naturally shiny hair always? But the situation changes a bit when raindrops start to pitter-patter and drench the entire area. Yes, we are talking about the monsoon. Cloudy sky and breezy showers, the rainy season is a welcoming respite to the sweltering summer heat.

On a normal day, it is perfectly acceptable to experience a hair fall of about 50-60 hairs per day. But during the rainy season, the count can increase to up to 250 or more. Hair loss increases during monsoons due to dry scalp, increased humidity in the atmosphere, dandruff and coming in contact with acidic rainwater.

The humidity strips off the natural oils from the scalp leaving it dry scalp and roots weaker. Another big reason is the difficulty in maintaining the hair dry. The moisture in the scalp weakens the hair follicle strength. This results in lifeless and dull hair. The situation gets even worst when it leads to tangled hair and thus causes hair loss.

If you also experience hair loss problems during the monsoon then stop freaking out. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you retain the bounce and shine while still enjoying the rain.

Beauty lies in simplicity

Rather than choosing expensive hairdos, choose the simpler ones. The reason being that simple hairdos won’t require any styling tools, straighteners and hair dryers. Cover your head with a scarf and create a style statement. Simply flaunt a ponytail or a pretty braid. Hair products and chemicals may create havoc resulting in hair loss. Accessorize with pins or hairbands and cast your spell.

Keep showing love towards your shampoo

We can totally understand that resisting the urge to dance in the rain is quite impossible. But remember to shampoo your hair right away. Even if not drenched in the rain, one must try to keep hair dry and clean. Use a mild shampoo and follow the hair cleaning rituals thrice a week. But don’t overdo it. Keep a suitable gap between the washes. With goodness of Neem and Sage, atulya Neem and Sage Hair shampoo is effective in removing buildups and removing dandruff causing bacteria. 


Don’t forget to oil your hair

Your hair becomes dry and rough during the monsoon. This ultimately leads to intense hair fall. Warm oil massages are one of the best ways to combat hair fall problems in the rainy season. Hair oil plays an important role. These massages stimulate the hair follicles and ultimately increase the blood flow in the scalp. This makes hair manageable and soft. Oiling is an absolute must but massage your scalp gently to avoid hair breakage. We suggest atulya Neem and Sage Hair Oil for effective results in monsoon

Dry Hair

Pamper your hair with deep conditioning

Don’t forget to condition your hair after a wash. Choosing the right hair conditioner for damaged hair will boost the nourishment and moisture in the hair strands. Besides making your hair silky smooth, a nourishing conditioner takes care of your hair tips. Use a wide comb to spread your conditioner well. You can also try and use atulya Neem and Sage hair Conditioner with goodness of neem for perfect result

Keep your hair dry

Try to avoid stepping out in rains as much as possible. This will help you keep your hair dry. But if in case you still get drenched, wash your hair and dry them that very moment. But, keep in mind to use a microfiber towel rather than a blow dryer. Avoid vigorous rubbing. Also, use a wide-toothed comb on your hair. Don’t even think to tie your wet hair.

Choose a right diet

A protein-rich diet is the need of the hour. This makes your hair follicles strong. Include items like nuts, egg, amla, green leafy vegetables, etc. in your diet. Avoid junk food, oily items and caffeine. Further, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Besides all these, you can follow simple remedies to cure your hair fall problems during the monsoon.

Go for neem and sage hair mask

Use Neem and Sage Hair Mask by atulya. It helps to condition hair, moisturize it, restore shine and soothe inflammation. Apply the mask from the middle to the tips of your hair. Comb your hair with fingers. Wash it off with regular water after a few minutes.

Dry hair

Use Aloe Vera

Being used since time immemorial, Aloe Vera works wonders on your scalp and hair. Add some aloe vera gel to your regular oil. Wash it off after some time. All this will definitely give you nourished and strong hair this monsoon.